Contracting opportunities

Companies incorporated and registered in Guyana that have relevant specialization and are interested in a contracting opportunity should register in the supplier portal and notify the corresponding company via e-mail as provided in the tender list below.

Indicate the following details in the notification e-mail: a desire to participate, contract title, company name, contact person, phone and e-mail address

Contract Services description Tendering


Notification email
Helicopter Services Support services for Helicopter operations,
maintenance, and ground services
Marine Vessels Support services for Platform Supply Vessels,
Multi-Purpose Intervention Vessel, and Tanker Assist Tugs
 2nd – 3rd Qtr 17
Freight Forwarding Packing, transport, clearance, and expediting of materials
to and from major international locations, Guyana, and Trinidad
 2nd – 3rd Qtr 17
Closed Container Unit Rent or purchase of offshore cargo baskets and containers  3rd Qtr 17
Rigging and Slings Provision and inspection of lifting rigging and slings  3rd Qtr 17

Guyana Shore Base Inc. Contracting Opportunities

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